Project Nirmala

GPMS Healthcare Information Therapy Cloud computing solutions initiative for the common man to store and accesses their medical records online a trendsetter for the world to follow
The objective of this initiative deliver affordable health care to India’s billion-plus people by providing secured integrated GPMS healthcare information therapy cloud computing solution for citizens/patients/doctors, medical community, insurers, and other service providers to view their medical records uploaded online which also empowers doctors/citizens/hospitals to update their own medical records for getting information therapy at affordable costs or get 2nd opinion or 3rd opinion or take advice anywhere the mobile internet connectivity can reach, at an affordable price using technology to make healthcare services accurate and affordable.
1 . There are 18 lakh cancer patients in India at any given point of time. This translates to 7.2 lakh cancer patients requiring psycho-oncological care, which is not available at present in all the centres in India.
2 . 70% of patients diagnosed with cancer die within the first year
3 . 45% of the population travel more than 100 kms to access a higher level of care
4 . Rural India contains over 68% of India's total population, and half of all residents of rural areas live below the poverty line, struggling for better and easy access to health care and services
5 . There are about 1,200 qualified oncologists for a population of 1.2 billion people. As a result, 60 per cent of patients with cancer are actually being treated by non-oncologists—general practitioners or other specialists,”
6 . 6. A DRDO-funded study mentions 40 per cent of cancer patients experience moderate to severe psychological distress which warrants professional psycho-oncological intervention